More and more people are suffering from depression, lack of sleep and office syndrome. Take power back to our hands and offer this gift of health to your employees through a corporate wellness class.

Learn easy movement that you and your people can sustain in your daily life even on a busy schedule, gain more knowledge on living a balanced lifestyle & diet inspired from the yogic philosophy and how to adapt that into this fast-moving digital age.

Sabina have taught in International Schools and University on this very subject to help move people forward to growth and a stress-free lifestyle. For quotation, please send details of what you are looking for. Sabina can tailor made program just for you.

Tailor made program for your needs

Better performance at the office

Tools to add energy to the team

Practical and applicable

Relationship Building

Imagine what your company would be like if everyone can rise up and communicate with love and understanding? Wouldn’t it be fabulous for them to connect and work as a team on a deeper scale?

With extensive background in hospitality and marketing communications, working for leading companies such as Trisara Phuket, Verve Public Relations part of JWT, St. Regis Singapore and Bed Supperclub Bangkok, Sabina not only enrich the business side of things but also spiritual. She applies all the tools that she knows in a friendly, accessible manner to help employees build deeper connection, communicate from the heart and be effective at work.

Since 2015, Sabina has offer her service as a live translator and communicator working a long side CEOs and Vice Presidents of leading companies such as Chang International, Mercedes Benz and Lazada Thailand. She brings clarity, focus and dedication to this

Discover new ways to connect now. For quotation, please send details of what you are looking for. Sabina can tailor made program just for you.

Introduction to Effective Communication

Building connection in the team and beyond

Better performance

Create an understanding and acceptance amongst the team mates

Increase team work and productivity


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Tue. – Sun. : 08.00 am – 20.00 pm