Divine Voice

Have you ever felt stuck and unable to see the answers or solutions that are right for you?

In this intensive 2-day workshop, you will learn how to communicate using Intuition, Inner Power and Intelligence to unlock the answers that may be right in front of you, through Tarot & Oracle Cards as a tool. You will have an opportunity to learn symbolism which will help you to understand deeper meaning of the ‘symbols’ that are in our day to day life and what it may be guiding you to.

If you are passionate about communication, open to using cards and are excited to learn something new then this workshop is for you. Divine Voice is also a great additional tool for you if you are a healer or coaches.

Key Learning of this Workshop Includes :

Understanding the Divine Tools and What it Offers Us in this Modern Day & Age

The Basics of Tarot Cards

Building a Safe Connection with Our Higher Self – the better part of us that are intuitive with answers

Using Your Intuition, Inner Power and Intelligence to Communicate with Self and Others

Ways to Ask Specific Questions / Reframing the Questions

Building Trust & Rapport with Others

Learning Outcome :

Increase Communication Skills

Awareness on how to use cards in this modern day & age

Increase confidence and trust in communication through intuition

Ability to differentiate between Ego centric and Love centric messages

Tools to use to seek answers from within

Gain techniques on how to use this additional tool to coach

Time: 2 Day

Investment: 9,500 Baht

Participants: Minimum 2 Participants up to 8


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Tue. – Sun. : 08.00 am – 20.00 pm