The journey fertility can be exciting, anxious or challenging for many people. Between the wait and the wonder, the uncertainty can create struggle for many of us. Whether you are looking forward to natural or assisted conception (IUI / IVF), Sabina is here to journey with you.

Having worked along side many mums, Sabina noticed a pattern of blockages for the fertility flow and it lies in our stress and fear. She witness the miracles in their lives when they are able to release stress and anxiety, focusing on breath and body to improve the flow of fertility.

It is without a double that Fertility Yoga is an amazing tool to help you ease into the moment, coming back to the present, further connecting you to the womb of life.

Talks, movement, laughter, tears, awareness, expect the unexpected in this gentle session with Sabina.

Connect to the Womb of Life

Reduce stress & anxiety

Connect to the Present Moment

Open your body & mind

Create space in body & beyond

Can work individually or as couple


Sabina​ conduct online sessions, private sessions and classes around Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

E-mail or WhatsApp her to get book your slot.

Tue. – Sun. : 08.00 am – 20.00 pm