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For the past 10+ years, I have been helping thousands of people just like YOU to become healthier, happier, wealthier, and experience the wonderful relationships of their dreams.

My mission is to support you in feeling better and living a higher quality life because I know that when you are happier and more abundant, your family, community, country, and even our world benefit. I am the founder and owner of a wellness company called Journey to Love Co., Ltd., and with my tens of thousands of hours of experience, I am confident that I can guide you from WHERE YOU ARE to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

“In just 3 sessions, I was able to feel PEACE in my life again. I gained back the confidence that I lost.”  – Sarah, Thailand

“3 hours after I left the session, I received my first offer, an offer I couldn’t resist. Then came the second and the third. I was on a roll. Suddenly, everyone wanted my service. They were interested in my products. I woke up the next morning with ease, knowing something magical had happened yesterday.” – Nan, Thailand

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Letters from the Clients

Zona, Thailand

I had a much needed reiki session with Sabina and it totally shifted some energy in my life. Her goodwill and kindness really opens up new perspectives and acceptance in me. I couldn’t recommend enough and sure will be back.

Fern, Thailand

It’s like Sabina has healed all my old problems with my ex. Sabina showed me my life pattern which I knew but always made excuses and didn’t want to accept. She guided me to walk straight to the goal. Not knowingly, I keep doing Sabina homework everyday and my mind + heart’s muscles get stronger. With Sabina guide, her listening to me, her intuition, her homework – I know what I want, I manifest what I want, and I won’t let my standard to drop like in the past because of fear that no one would love me. I have been in sessions with Sabina 4 times and miracles happens.  I believe magic can happen, and the whole situation can be changed. Thank god I met her.

Tina, Thailand

“The highlight of my journey with her, I must say was the EFT sessions as the blockages, the stories and the emotions that are stuck in our bodies I mean to do it and FEEL the shift or the energy move out of your body was just profound. I’m still learning the lessons out of those sessions. I can’t say thank you enough as she’s always ready to offer and help you through your journey of course if you’re ready to make the change. 🙂 Buckle up as its worth the ride. ❤️.”

Fergie, Thailand

Thank you Sabina for a wonderful reiki session, you have made me learn so much about myself and reiki world. I feel very gratitude that the world bring us to meet again and learn about this amazing unconditional love energy. I ❤️ Reiki & Sabina

Alice, Thailand

I want to thank you Sabina for making time for me during your fully booked schedule! At first, I wasn’t sure if you would be able to do a session for me virtually, I wasn’t sure if it’s possible that we would be able to communicate and connect in the same way like when we do our session in person but we did! I felt such a direct communication, connection and gained so much clarity from our session together. I felt your warmth and your skills, you helped me to discover the root cause of my problems. I was afraid of trying something new even though I had many ideas but I am afraid to do it because I’m afraid to start again. You’ve helped me gain perspective 4 years ago and you have done it again. I will always think of you and your encouraging words.

Nan, Thailand

3 hours after I left the session, I got my first offer. The money I couldn’t resist then comes the second and third offer. I was on a roll. Everyone suddenly wanted my service. Everyone suddenly wanted my products. I woke up the next morning with ease knowing something magical happened yesterday and I actually have attained to ease my financial difficulty.

Tina Krissana, Thailand

“Your ‘Nurture Your Inner child’ Workshop is really a door opening to me. I’m entering a phrase of my life. Love you.”

Emma, United Kingdom

“I have been practicing yoga with Sabina for around 6 months now and I have loved every single session. Whether we have a small group, or an individual class – she always supports and guides you fully, allowing you to achieve your best that day. Her classes are highly personalised and leave you feeling calm and at peace with your body and the world!”

Saima, United Kingdom

“Sabina is not your average yoga teacher. She has been practising for years and lives what she practices and teaches. Her sessions – whether group or one on one – are carefully thought through and mindfully executed. What I particularly like is her knowledge of the poses and how they work for us as individuals and why. She takes time to explain, to modify and help you learn – at your own pace, not hers. Having suffered a major injury, Sabina was mindful not to push me too hard and has spent time researching and adapting her routines for me, she has studied carefully how to modify poses for those who cannot do as much as others – she challenges without pushing you beyond your limits. Yoga with Sabina is gentle, restorative and yet makes me feel like I have explored the world in each session. And so with Sabina – I can breathe and feel like I am moving forwards – the very heart of yoga.”

Su Ching Teh, Singapore

“During my first pregnancy, the pre-natal yoga classes I attended were rather static. During my second pregnancy, I met Sabina, who introduced me to a pre-natal flow sequence that was more dynamic, but mindful of my changing body. Sabina is gentle and encouraging; I feel refreshed and relaxed after her classes. It’s been five months since I gave birth to my second child, and I continue to practice yoga with Sabina and learn from her spiritual outlook on life. I always look forward to our sessions together.”

Denise, Philippines

“Always a joy doing prenatal yoga sessions with Sabina! She’s definitely professional and knowledgable about the practice and will recommend her to my friends!”

Nicole, United States

“I’ve been doing yoga with Sabina for most of my pregnancy and she has helped me prepare not only my body for labor but more importantly my mind. At the start of every class, she asks me how I’m feeling and caters the class’ movements and mediations to help with whatever aches or anxieties I’m having. I feel like the best version of myself after the class has ended! Sabina has such a warm and beautiful energy, I can’t wait to continue with her after the baby arrives.”

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Sabina believes that the power is within you, not out there. Her approach is practical yet magical creating effective results.

Holistic Approach & Tackle Root Cause


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Pu, Thailand

I’ve learned Reiki and Power of Trust class with Sabina. Those classes are one of the best classes that I have ever joined in my life. I found a lot of incredible miracles and serendipity that changed my beliefs, my energy changed immediately after joining the class.

Benyapa, Thailand

I attended Reiki class with Sabina. It is very easy to understand and able to be used very well with myself and others. Teacher is very generous, patience and friendly. 

Yojung, Thailand

Ten of ten. Use words that are easy to understand and comprehend. She helps me to appreciate my heart, gives great advice that solve problems. 

Sasi, Thailand

The process Sabina use is very simple and good yet if we pay attention and do it continuously it can create results. Attended her class for the first time, I’m impressed. 

Nok, Thailand

“Inner child is a wonderful class for me and I got an important technique to help my life in the future.”

Si, Thailand

Sabina helped me to detach from the problem that I thought was so big. I could see clearly now and what seemed like the most difficult relationship with my mother became easy. I am so grateful to have this happier relationship with her.

Boat, Thailand

I learned Crystal Healing with Sabina, what I got was more than just knowledge on stones! I get to reflect and see my true self, it was fun and so hands on and practical. Sabina gave her all and really paid attention to us. Classmate was sweet and I feel my heart is full!

Rat, Thailand

I see a big change. I haven’t seen her laugh in years and she started laughing with us again. Whatever it is your are doing, keep doing it for her and with her! 

Pat, Thailand

I normally don’t like to do these types of sessions because I feel left alone after and I’m lost as to what I need to do next but with you, I can see positive change in my life. I look forward to each sessions with you as there is something for me to DO after the session and I am just so grateful for you. 

Fran, France

A few months ago I was in a bit of a stuck place and felt I needed some assistance to get things flowing again. Immediately in my first session with Sabina I could feel things shifting back into alignment. Sabina is extremely intuitive and in each of our sessions together her guidance has mirrored back to me things I have been contemplating over the past months. Without having shared these contemplation with her, Sabina intuitively affirmed the directions and guidance I had already been hearing as a whisper, thus giving me the reassurance and confidence I needed to make my next steps. To anyone contemplating a discovery call with Sabina, I say GO FOR IT!! Sabina is an amazing, loving and empowering woman to have guide you into a better space with yourself and you’ll very likely already feel more empowered and connected with yourself after the shortest of conversations with her. 🌈💖🦄💫 xx

Rung, Thailand

Thank you Sabina for your love, I feel very happy, in fact everytime I see you, I am so happy. It’s like meeting a long lost friend and I feel so grateful for our session together, thank you for teaching me to know myself again. You taught me to pay attention to my feelings, be aware of it and understand it better. Thank you this positive energy sent through the session, I am glad we did this! I love you.

Stephanie, France

Wonderful yoga teacher, Sabina has been on my side during my pregnancy until the very last day. She helped to built strength in my body and balance my emotions, week after week. She is such a bright person, positive and full of love ! She has been adjusting the sessions to my level of energy and has adapted my yoga practice taking into account all the changes occurring in my body during pregnancy. After each session, I felt so relaxed and energized ! I must say that yoga with Sabina has made a huge difference during my pregnancy.


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