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Are you ready to experience greater happiness and freedom in your life? How about living a life filled with abundance and love? Sabina has dedicated over 10 years to helping thousands of individuals just like you achieve better health, happiness, love and abundance.

Sabina Ahuja is a Holistic Therapy Specialist & Energy Healing Teacher with over a decade of experience dedicated to enhancing the lives of thousands of individuals. Her mission revolves around helping people find happiness, attain clarity, and achieve their life goals while fostering harmonious relationships in both personal and professional spheres.

Sabina’s expertise lies in facilitating profound internal self-discovery, which inevitably leads to remarkable external results. As the visionary owner of Journey to Love Co., Ltd., she has created a distinguished platform for holistic wellness seminars, offering workshops and training programs both in online and offline formats.

Sabina’s impact extends to collaboration with prestigious brands such as Sindhorn Kempinski, Anantara Siam, and Praya Palazzo, where she meticulously crafts wellness retreats that redefine well-being. She is also the appointed Global Wellness Day Ambassador representing Thailand.

Her specialization centers on Energy Healing and Emotional Mastery. Sabina’s direct training equips her to assist individuals in conquering emotional challenges and cultivating positive interpersonal relationships, whether within the home or the workspace. Moreover, she adeptly addresses contemporary issues such as depression and anxiety, guiding her clients toward a state of peace for a richer quality of life.

Sabina Ahuja has earned the trust of top executives and employees including Goldman Sachs (Singapore), Winnow Solutions (Singapore), and Takeda Pharmaceuticals (Thailand).

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Sabina as your guide. Experience the profound impact of harnessing inner energy and unlock your true potential in your life. Allow holistic therapy to enrich your life, leading to happiness, love and abundance.

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Imagine a life free from stress, filled with unwavering confidence, and deep trust in your path. Picture yourself coming home to your authenticity, where fear no longer dictates your journey. I believe you can live a fulfilling life of your dreams, filled with love, happiness, and abundance. Embark on this journey to love with me today.


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