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Would you like to attract happiness & abundance? Better yet, would you like to attain them and sustain them?

I’m sure your answers are YES!  Just like you, I too wondered in the past why happiness, love and abundance just didn’t seem to last. After tens of thousands of dollars spent in learning and searching for almost 8 years, I had my own epiphany and found a formula that works. I have been applying this in my own life and also for my clients to help them be a magnet of miracles.. 

This 18-minute meditation will support you to realign your inner energy, feel more relaxed, begin manifesting miracles to your life and the more you practice consistently, the more you will make this permanent. 


My name is Sabina and the past 7+ years, I have been helping thousands of people just like you be healthier, happier, wealthier and have wonderful relationships. 

Join me on this journey to love, abundance and happily ever after. Let me help you walk, run and fly towards your dreams. Book a call with me to see how I can help you solve your problems. 

Don’t do this alone. It’s your time to start living a wonderful life. 

“Sabina healed all my old problems with my ex. she showed me my life pattern which I knew but always made excuses and didn’t want to accept. She guided me to walk straight to the goal. I know what I want, I manifest what I want, and I won’t let my standard drop. I have been in sessions with Sabina 4 times and miracles happen.  I believe magic can happen, and the whole situation can be changed. Thank god I met her.”