Sabina owns her first set of tarot cards at the age of 10, she used her imagination to guess the meaning of the cards and extend this fun to her cousins. To date, her family still remembers that fond memories and often tells her, “I remember you and your tarot cards, you were so insightful!”

Her studies of intuition and astrology all through out high school up to now led her to be where she is. She have studied with one of the best teachers such as Doreen Virtue, former creator of many oracle cards in the market and Radleigh Valentine, one of Hay House’s best selling author.

Sabina does not believe in fortune reading or fortune telling, she believes that we are the master of our destiny and as humans, there are times when we are clouded by judgment and daily affairs of life. She thus offers reading as a divine tool to gain clarity, improve lives through actions, manifest your dreams with trust.

You can expect the reading to be fun, insightful, full of questions that you can work together with Sabina’s intuition to come up with your answers. Keep in mind that reading is not future prediction as our future can change at all times depending on how we act in the present.

Sabina currently offers reading in person and online via Zoom. For investment, please click here.

If you are looking to dig deeper, Sabina offers Divine Voice Workshop which teaches you how to access information, connect to your higher self and the divine source of light with full trust in order to conduct a reading for yourself and others. For information of this course, please click here.

Gain Insight on Your Life

Discover where you are and where you want to be

Discover Possible Solutions

Create Awareness

An opportunity to clear any clouded judgment or thoughts that you may have

Tools to get you from Point A to Point B


Sabina​ conduct online sessions, private sessions and classes around Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

E-mail or WhatsApp her to get book your slot.

Tue. – Sun. : 08.00 am – 20.00 pm