In this post, I am going to be sharing with you some tips on how you can build certainty in an uncertain time. 

What was your dream vision for 2020?

Perhaps, you had book tickets to explore Europe or other parts of the world, intended to learn something new, planned an adventure or maybe you had plans for your kids future education, all of that are pretty much on pause and you are here wondering what’s next?

One of the biggest problems that many people are having right now is how to handle the new ‘normal,’ and this rapid change that is upon us. What is life going to be like in the future?

I totally feel you, some days you are doing great, some days you are feeling low. Some days you wake up and you don’t feel like you want to do anything yet there are things for you to constantly do.

The question is how do you create certainty in this unique time of such uncertainty?

I would like to invite you to chunk yourself up from this situation, perhaps looking at things from a bigger picture and tell me if you can relate to this.

I remember when I lost my loved ones, my ground was shaking, I felt deep sadness, I was overwhelming myself with things so I didn’t have to think about it. I also remembered feeling like my whole world was broken when I lost my dog, he was a family to me, we used to sleep together every night and the fact that he was gone was unbearable. Somehow, bit by bit, I made it through.

There was also a time back in 2015 when Victor and I were going through a tough spot before our marriage that lasted through the first year of our marriage. We were in such an uncertain time in our relationship, I remember fearing, worrying and wondering what our future holds and whether ‘us’ would even work out or if there was an ‘us’ at all.

What got me through was acknowledging that some things are really out of my control. I would like to acknowledge all of the things that you have been through in your life like death in the family, miscarriage, loss of jobs, disappointments in relationships, break ups – these are real life things that you have somehow made it through. Eventhough you might still be healing from some of the events in your life, you made it through and through.

Open your heart with me when I refer to this quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer and if you feel drawn to it perhaps even sticking this mantra on a mirror or a door or even repeating it out loud.

“You cannot always control what goes on outside but you can control what goes on inside.” 

Allow this mantra to support you because you really cannot control the external environment but you can control the internal environment. You might be thinking, “I’ve heard this one before,” but until and unless you master it, the repeated situations tend to come back and trigger you.

This is basic principle that I work with thousands of my clients whether it’s in our yoga class, transformative coaching, healing sessions, guiding them back home to the core of their being and supporting them to reclaim that power back to themselves. Here are the 3 ways to create certainty in an uncertain time:

Master Your Thoughts

You and I have about 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, our repeated thoughts create a belief and our belief creates our emotions. For example, you may have been hurt by someone, the more you think about how that person hurt you and betrayed you and the more you tell that story, the more sad and angry you will feel. Tony Robbins called this state of looping between sadness and anger as the Crazy Eight, when you are reclaiming your power by using anger and after a while you loop back to sadness again.

Here’s what I do to manage my thoughts, whenever I hear negative thoughts and fears in my head, I actually say, ‘Cancel, Clear, Delete,’ at least 10 times for that one thought.

I have given this technique to many of my clients who by the end of the 7 days says, their thoughts becomes more positive simply because they were using Cancel, Clear, Delete repeatedly. Remember, this is also your way of cancelling your negative order with the Universe and any Force Field – it’s like ooops, I didn’t order that, I don’t want any more bad things my life, I changed my mind, cancel my order please!

If you don’t vibe with these 3 words, create your own stop word. Victor uses, “Stop It!”. The trick is you can say it out loud or quietly in your mind, both works wonder!

Master Your Emotions 

Let’s be honest here that processing your emotions is so important for your growth right now. In my 20’s whenever I was faced with uncertainty in my life and I experienced emotions, I would resort to addictions such as binge watching series, immediately calling a friend without processing what just happened first, went outside and did some shopping, sometimes, I just fall asleep. I would do anything and everything so I didn’t have to deal with it. Does this sound familiar to you? When confronted, I even walk away and avoid the conversation entirely.

Mastering your emotions during this time is key, begin by feeling your physical body, where is this uncomfort feelings? Is it in your throat, belly, shoulders or your head? Then slowly take a moment to identify the emotions, what is it?

Your ability to simply become aware of how you are feeling is the very foundation of healing. From there you can choose a tool for you, one of the activities that I often guide my clients is to write it out. Simply writing out your emotions as a form of expression, if you are not fond of writing then voice recording how you are feeling is a really good one. Make sure you dispose your writing and delete your voice notes as a symbol of RELEASE.

Keep On Dreamin’ 

Coming back to the question that I asked you at the beginning, your short term goals didn’t manifest or you had to pivot them big time, however, we are just at the beginning of our decade. Why not take this moment to really dream of what you’d like your life to be like in the next 9 something years. Who do you want to become? What do you really want from life? Is there a mission or a song that’s been living inside of you that you want to unleash out to the world? What about the projects that you have thought off for so many years but never got around to doing it, is this a good time to take a tiny step towards that?

I used to think short term and was really able to live in the moment, through out my 20s and even when I turned 30 exactly, I didn’t have a clear big mission. I knew I wanted to help people be healthier, happier, really help them to manifest and have wonderful relationships but everything was very much short term and living by the day. Do you relate to this?

One day, I decided to dream big and really expand my vision to who I want to become at 50, 60, 70. 80 years old and what kind of contribution and legacy do I want to leave on this earth.

It was then that my mission became clear, it’s to Educate, Empower & Elevate people to live a fulfilling life in an infinite flow of health, wealth, happiness and joy and that everything I do it’s to contribute to the future of humanity.

Mission and dreams are not reserved just for people who are single and have time, you have time and you CAN make a difference in your community, your family and your unit.

Take time to get to know yourself and really ask yourself these powerful questions so you can let your heart & your soul sing.

By seeing things from this bird’s eye view, suddenly all the actions that you will take or plan to take will be supporting this long term mission and certainty is build consistently.

Do you need help with clarity? Reach out to me for your complimentary 30-minute session.