Have you ever been in a conversation where you find yourself wanting to be right? You might even be choosing all the right reasons, logical reasons and basically justifying that you are right. This can happen in a setting of discussing politics, religion, different views or even in a relationship or a marriage where you both are in argument and you want to prove that you are right by bringing up the past of a thousands years.

I have been there too! On both side of the spectrum! Can anybody else relate?

In March 2018, I was attending this 3-day course about mindset, business and how to handle money because I was such an avoider when it comes to confrontation or dealing with hard things such as finances. I remember seeing my trainer on stage who says, in life, you have a choice, you can choose to get into the an argument and go to the end of the road to prove that you are right or you can say ‘Thank you for sharing,’ and inside your mind remember, he or she is right, whatever it is that they are saying, they are right but you – you my friend, you are happy.

You are rich and you are happy.

You see, getting into an argument or heated conversation takes a lot of energy, in fact, living your life trying to prove that you are right is also very tiring. People will always have opinions about you, criticise you, thinks that you are no good and that you will fail terribly but it’s your choice to choose what to think about yourself.

I really believe that you can’t just go to every battle, you have choose wisely which battle is worth your time and is important for you. That year in 2018, I train myself to say ‘Thank you for sharing that. I really appreciate your opinion,’ to many things that I was triggered by and now when I look back, I feel grateful and glad I did because it helps me to free up space to focus on other things that matters.

The reason I am sharing this with you is to encourage you to come back and build your own integrity, let your action speak louder than your words. Let your presence be the role model and the leading guiding light of who you really are. For as long as you seek to be right, you will never be happy and for as long as you seek to be right or the BEST, you will never get anywhere.

Instead seek to be better you, step into your greatness, the word ‘BEST,’ needs to be defined by you. This week, I encourage you to utilize ‘Thank You for Sharing,’ or ‘I appreciate your opinion,’ in conversations especially when you feel triggered. Practice this now and you will be reaping so much rewards later.