Are you one of the people who feels meditation is just too hard and you simply can’t do it? Perhaps, you might even feel like sitting quiet for hours just isn’t for you or maybe you might even wonder how to meditate!

In this post, I will be sharing with you some tips to help you improve your mindset through meditation.

For me the highest form of meditation is getting to know yourself, in fact, meditation is a pathway for you to get to know yourself. When you know who you really are, the authentic you, the powerful, beautiful you that is beneath all of the layers of limited beliefs and fears, you can start to navigate your life with clarity.

The truth is so many of us are out there living our lives based on what the culture, the society and what is expected of us for our history, gender or even age. I’ve seen and worked with so many women who feels they need to have a baby before they turn 35 or it’s too late and they won’t be able to do it. Most women who carry that belief very deeply can sometime attract the challenges in infertility because of those beliefs itself.

Meditation is a pathway for you to eliminate those limited beliefs, it’s to guide you back home to who you really are and be ok with your skin, be ok with who you are and being super aware of what needs to change.

I’ve been practicing yoga since my early 20’s and I remember, all those times on the mat, all I could hear was my own inner voice thinking about my work, my life, what I had to do next. I was never fully present with myself, infact, I was one of those naughty students who had her phone right next to the mat and would check the messages during water break. Yep, that was me guilty as charged.

I’m not going to lie to you that meditation didn’t come easy for me, the experience is definitely different for everyone. I would like to make this super interactive for you, so whether you are driving or listening to me while you are cooking up some meals, ask yourself this, what are some of your limited beliefs when it comes to meditation?

Do you hear yourself say, “I’m not good at meditating,” or “I don’t have enough time,”?  Do you hear yourself say, “I need to be in a class or have someone guide me to meditate”?

Take this divine moment to really think of the hurdles and the limited beliefs that you might have when it comes to meditation. If you want to write these down, feel free and dig deeper as well to ask yourself, who taught you these beliefs? Did you hear this in a class? Did you see other people meditate and you immediately compare your experience to their experience?

Remember, when you are mindful of these limited beliefs, you are becoming super aware as well where it shows up in other areas of your life. The fact that you feel you can’t meditate might also show that there are other ‘I can’ts,’ in areas of relationship, health or money!

As you are reflecting through your belief system, I would like to encourage you to live your life in a meditative state. You can do that by being present with yourself, your loved ones, eliminate some distraction and be here now. The past is gone and tomorrow is not yet here.

Many people mistaken meditation to be an act of sitting down and telling your mind to quiet down. Meditation is you hearing those thoughts, the monkey mind and become aware of the state of mind that you are in. Your thoughts and emotions are really the doorway for you elevate and upgrade your life to the next level. Don’t shut away the negative noises and voices, instead become aware of what it says.

Adding just 10-20 minutes of meditation to your life can help you to increase your clarity, improve your immune system, helps you to make better decisions and attract the wonderful things to your life – this is by far my most favorite part.

You might be wondering by this point how to get started with meditation because you want to live a better life and be free and limitless. Start by becoming super aware right now of your arms, legs, knees and breath.

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This meditation is designed to help you realign your inner energy and become a magnet of miracles – more health, abundance, happiness and love. I believe in you and I know that you can.