Have you ever long for other people’s support, love and approval? Maybe, you have been very loyal and committed, waiting on the other person to change, to notice you and to finally treat you with the respect that you deserve.

I would like you to imagine that you are a house, how stable is the house called you? For many years, the house called Sabina was shattered, broken and in-stable which is why I decided to share this week’s post. It took me many years to build my inner self-confidence, to have a self-esteem that is unshakable and to feel worthy because I wasn’t sure what was working and what was not.

Like a little puppy, I was doing the right things and the wrong things, not really knowing how to cross the road, where to go and what’s the direction. Good news for you is that you are saving a lot of time and money! I’m sharing with you some tips that I have used to help YOU upgrade your inner confidence and trust in yourself more.

Based on my experience of working with thousands of clients, self-esteem is how you value, see and even trust yourself. Take a moment to ask yourself this:

  • Do you find that it’s easy for you to make a decision and stick to it even if other people are going against your wind?
  • Do you believe in your heart that you deserve happiness?
  • Do you honestly believe that you are worthy and good enough?
  • Are you able to see clearly your own light and shadow? We all have the angel and devil sitting right in us.
  • Do you thrive to improve and commit towards that personal improvement?

If many of your answers are mainly YES then congratulations – you have the right and powerful mindset to build the blocks of more self-esteem. Even if you are feeling like, your life is not reflecting the way you want it to, you are on the right track. If your answers are mainly NO, this why we are here doing this work together! I have a mini roadmap to support you.

You see, many people don’t realize why they are stuck in relationship or situation at work that are negative over and over again. This is because they might be suffering from a low self-esteem. The patterns of low self-esteem can be easily detected.

  • Are you being bullied by your friends, your family or your life partner?
  • Do you find yourself judging other people or being judged by others?
  • Do you often suffer from financial instability and just can’t seem to find the right job that fits you?
  • Are you extremely worried about how you look and your body image?
  • Are you in a relationship now where you are not on the same page, perhaps you might be divorce or separated?
  • Do you constantly find yourself in a dilemma and just can’t seem to make the right decisions?

Most of these things that were listed above are based on my own experience and many of my clients and so let me be clear that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Many of these patterns, you probably have watched and absorbed from some of your family members when you were growing up and so in order to solve the problem, it’s good for you to reflect and think back as well, who in my family suffered from a similar problem? This helps you to be aware of the real root cause.

Now that we have detected some of the patterns, what can you do about it.

Heal the Past

Most of the people’s root cause of low self-esteem stem from when they were young, particularly 0-7 years old or for some people, it’s a bit later than that. Think of the time when you were told you weren’t good enough whether by teachers, friends or even your family. Words are so powerful and can really influence your tiny little brain, your inner child to believe that to be a true story.

To this date, I still do inner child healing for myself, in fact, last month, I was speaking to another spiritual teachers and a friend of mine and she said, she still does the healing for some aspect of her past after 16 years!

When it comes to healing the past or developing yourself to be the better version of you, there is no expiry date or a graduation date, in fact, if you have taken any special classes, the moment you receives their certificate of completion is the moment your journey actually begins.

If you haven’t listened to my podcast episode with Jason, I highly recommend that you download this episode and follow through the process to help you heal inner self.

Mirror Work 

I have spoken about mirror work many times in the past, you see, the person you really need to build intimacy with in this lifetime is really you. One of my teachers, Lisa Nichols says, ‘Intimacy means Into Me I see,’ and I can’t agree more. Low self-esteem issues and lack of confidence although, stem from when we were young, we have the power to shift and change this now and we can do this simply by really looking deep into our own eyes and acknowledging ourselves.

My favorite way of doing mirror is to follow these steps. In the morning after your regular ritual, preferably before you turn on your phone and internet, head to the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror. Start saying the things that you are proud of, things that you need to forgive yourself for and things that you commit to do.

I remember when I was in my early 20s all the way to my late 20s I was really struggling with addiction, not drug or alcohol but addiction to toxic relationships. The first time I practiced mirror work, I was 28 years old and I remembered looking at myself in the mirror and told myself, I love you Sabina, I really love you and I respect you thats why I am committing to you not to pick up the call from that man and that we will steer clear from toxic relationships that drag us down.

I kept doing that for 21 days in a row, having intimate conversation with myself infront of the mirror. The results are magical. Here I am 7.5 years later, I have helped and touched thousands of lives through this work that I do and I am still doing mirror work at least 3 times per week especially on those days I wake up feeling low and not very good.


Many people underestimate the power of meditation, quieting your mind and managing your little voice and the thoughts in your head is the biggest win and investment you could ever do for yourself. One of my favorite meditation that got me kicked off on this wonderful journey is called the Louise Hay 40 Minutes Everyday to Change Your Life.

I have recommended this meditation to my clients many times because its a great one to listen to and just dose off to sleep. You see, as humans, we actually heal in our sleep so when you listen to a positive tape before bedtime, it can actually shift the cells in your body and you wake up feeling more powerful.

I have many YouTube videos available to support you on this journey, I recommend you to check it out. I really want to acknowledge and thank YOU for asking me this question. Yes, this is a question that is asked by YOU.

Commit to take daily actions everyday, when you look back a year from now, you will really see a massive shift in you and you might wonder where and how is this coming from.

Do you have a question that you would like to ask? Reach out to me and I will support you!