Do you suffer from infertility, suppressive sexual energy and irregular or painful period?
For the past 4 years, I have been working with hundreds of women who face fertility challenges, painful periods and problems with sexual energy. We have never been taught to honor or connect with our sacred womb of life.

Here’s why I dig deeper into our sacred womb

In Feb 2013, a week after my birthday, I was rushed into the ER as I was vomiting non-stop, I have never felt so sick in my life. It felt like an infinite number of hours to suffer in that state, long story short, after many check-up later, a nurse took me into the ultrasound room and disclose the news that they discovered an 11 centimeters cyst in my left ovary. 11 centimters! How did this even live there? When did it grow? What’s the story?

The only option was a surgery, doctor warned us that chances for my left ovary to survive is very little. At 28 years old, I lost my left ovary, I never imagined that I would go through something like that at that age but I did.

That night I watched the video of my surgery and internally, I knew something was not right. I had no knowledge of holistic healing or even the sacred womb. I did something that made the most sense to me, it was to message Victor to schedule an appointment when I feel better.

I KNOW this was a spiritual disease, my body was trying hard to communicate with me but the spirit that resides in this body had shut down – not listening to it, avoiding it, taking advantage of it.
I spent that whole year healing myself and studying the arts of holistic healing. To date, I am still learning and being curious about our body.

In 2015, I turned my part time passion into a fulltime commitment, one client after another would arrive with problems in the womb. Infertility, irregular period, inner conflict, guilt, negative empowerment … a path set clear … 80% of my clients from then till now are the ones who are journeying to positive personal empowerment and healing their sacred womb of life.

I don’t want to see anyone going through the pain of ignorance like I did. So let’s rise ladies.

We have never been taught about our womanly body. We don’t know about our periods or our womb. We rely on the external to tell us what to do. We have been taught that sex is bad, we must remain a virgin until a prince arrive.

Below, I am sharing with you tips and sacred wisdom that you can apply to empower your womb for better health, fertility and strengthen the connection with yourself.

If this is something that tickles your womb then read on.

Increase Your Fertility in Bangkok

Divine Tip# 1 – Mindful Menstrual Cycle

Do you remember the first day you got your period ever? What was your experience like? Did anyone teach you how to honor your cycle and celebrate it?

Whenever I ask this question in my Divine Feminine – Women’s Workshop, the usual answers are ‘No.’ We were not taught how to honor our cycle or celebrate this shedding because our ancestor were not taught this too. In fact, many of us doesn’t know either which color and texture signals healthy period – again, we were not taught this.

Most of us pay more attention to our cycle when we are journeying to start a family. Otherwise, we just expect it to be this way – painful, dreading, tiring and thoughts in our head wondering when it would end.

I hardly hear good stories about menstrual cycle and I too experience it first-hand when the cramps are just unbearable, and mood is going up through the roof, yet it is in our hands to change our emotions and the way we feel towards our cycle. If law of attraction is real and true and I believe it is – then the more, we hate our cycle, hate our menstrual cycle, the more of the painful experience we will get.

When I had my left ovary removed, my cycle was going whack, I didn’t have my period for months.
It was the first time I had to take the pills to balance the hormones, desperate to find ways to connect, I began talking to my cycle and you can too. When I got my period for the first time after those months, I was celebrating! I have never been so grateful to finally ‘bleed’ again. If your period are regular and on time, be grateful for it, it signals that your body is healthy and gratefulness helps ease the sensation tremendously!

We are the only gender that experience birth and death every 23-28 days and that is a gift if you can build a healthy relationship with it.

Our menstrual cycle is also related to our Sacral Chakra which is the power point of creativity, self-expression, healthy sexual energy if dread the process of menstruation, we are dreading the energy that creates life itself. I will tap into this tomorrow.

Today, I invite you to begin tracking your moon time, get an app if you need. Being mindful of how you feel before your cycle and find a ritual to connect with your ovary. I often guide women to place their hands on their ovary and recreate a garden of hope, dreams, joy and happiness – you can too.

Increase Your Fertility in Bangkok

Divine Tip #2 – Awareness of Our Sacral Chakra

Have you ever thought that the condition of our body might be linked to our emotions or the choices that we make in our daily life?
I didn’t think about in my 20’s.

In fact, it took me 28 years to deeply acknowledge the connection between our body, mind and spirit .. that my body was much more than a body, it’s a map that carries every memory that I have here on earth from birth and beyond.

Holistic healing invites us to look at our body as a map that links to our emotions, mental thoughts and our spirit. Healing diseases and discomfort from the root of the problem. In doing so, healing speeds, awareness increase and empowerment level rises, we are close to the finish line just by awareness alone.

Many ancient arts including Yoga, Pranic Healing, Reiki discusses the ‘Chakra’ system or wheel of energy that spins at the back of our spine, each chakra governs different organs, our view of the world, emotions and any reaction that we may have to the external environment.
We can spend a whole week discussing Chakras and how to uplift it!

The Sacral Chakra or Svadhistana, spins around our lower back, governing our sexual organs, ovaries and womb of life. Svadhistana spins the wheel of passion in our body, making us want to give birth to something – dreams, babies, family, sex, relationship, money all of this, while being authentic and honest with ourselves.

It encourages us to be independent, setting healthy boundaries in relationships and most importantly, cope with day-to-day events with ease and personal power, releasing the people pleasing habit, controlling nature and guilt that we carry in our womb.

Svadhistana is constantly challenging us to check in with our values and code of ethics in life.
Are you strong enough to honor your values and ethics? Do you honor your word, or do you say ‘yes,’ to please someone when you really want to say no? Do you avoid confrontation? Are you living in fear and can’t seem to let go of control? Are you letting your own survival instincts dictate the choice you make?

To gain more awareness on this chakra, take a moment to answer these questions and investigate your truth.

Remember, empowerment begins when you totally accept where you are and who you are.

Bangkok, are you suffering from infertility? I want to show the mind, body and spirit connection and how we can empower the womb.

Divine Tip #3 – Be Open to Be Honest

By now you might be wondering how does being honest connect you to your womb or help you to have better health?

It does.

Our womb symbolizes creation, family, money, sexual energy, it also symbolizes our personal identity, how we make our choices in life, what is our belief towards relationship and life itself. Through honesty, we are able to create healthy boundaries in our life.

Do we sell our own value to fit in? Do we make choices out of fear or do we live our life with faith?
Are you trying to control every little aspect of your life to feel safe and secure?

Sex is not secure. Money is not secure. In fact, the journey to creation itself is not secure. It is unknown. So, who we are and how we are when we deal with this unknown is important and this is a game changer.

By being honest and accepting of who you are, truly from your heart, it will help you to feel at ease when things are out of control. When you are in pain and you are feeling the sensations of sadness and hurt in your heart, you will be able to truly feel it and from that space MAKE THE CHOICE that is right for you. You will not avoid the pain by putting a smiley sticker on top of your heart and flood yourself with positive affirmations. You may feel this pain, learn to accept where you are and slowly move forward.

As humans we have a tendency to want to control the flow of life, it scares us to be in the unknown yet our own womb has different cycle every month, different sensation every month, things are unknown.

Today, I invite you to begin investigating who you are and what your values are. To check in with your thoughts, are you having negative judgment and jealousy toward others whose creative expression is succeeding whether its pregnancy, birth, project, relationship … can you turn that into the power of positivity and celebrate for them.

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