Looking back to just a month ago, our lives was totally in a different place and space, now you are locked down in your home, multi-tasking your work, the kids and basically wondering what the future holds. I have compassion and I am sending much love to all of you around the world right now. I own 3 businesses and I can’t even begin to tell you how much things have changed for me and the decisions that I need to make to ensure sustainability for all party involved.

What’s really important is to remember that you are not alone in this and that the more relaxed, positive and energized you are, the better your energy is to handle risk, uncertainty and begin to thrive even in this environment that we are in right now. I shared with you about Obsession versus Transformation earlier, this is the time for you to transform your energy and prepare for what can come in the next few months when we are all back, the clock starts turning. The purpose of this post is to help you stay SANE, CALM so you can have CLEAR mind and flow through life with ease.

Follow these steps:

Create a Healthy Morning Ritual 

Yes, I have been there, the itch of wanting to sleep in because everything is so out of place or the itch of wanting to pick up your phone the first thing in the morning to see how many COVID-19 cases are there and what’s happening to your workplace and so on. These 15-20 minutes in the morning are CRUCIAL for your growth, energy level and it determines how your day will play out. Let’s face it, if there’s a time we need to build our strong MENTAL muscle, it is NOW.

If you have been to my workshops or following me on my Instagram, then you know that I’m a student of The 5am Club by Robin Sharma and have recommended this book to so many people as it was recommended to me. The reasons you need to build your morning ritual is so that your mind stays calm, your head is clear, your body is relaxed and energized, you are literally building a SHIELD to protect you against negativity. Not only that but it also helps you to make a decision better. 10

This is what I do in the morning, 30-minute exercise, 20-45 minute meditation, 10-15 minute reading and 5-minute mapping out my day. That’s a good 60-90 minutes. Now some of you might already be thinking that you can’t be managing your time, perhaps, due to your kids being at home – so an alternative plan for you is to SPLIT this out through out the day. Lock it in your calendar. What I am sharing with you is a game changer for me, if you can commit to this, you will begin to see your lives change. Doing this will also improve your immune system and reduce your stress level. 

Vibe Up Your Place

So your dream of going sipping champagne in Santorini is over but your LIFE isn’t. This is an opportunity for you to unclutter your place, vibe it up with pictures that reminds you bliss, listen to POSITIVE music. If you are abundant with plants, be next to it, move it around, place some plants in your home, really create this high vibe happy place for you and your family. I have heard this from many people before that they feel unhappy in their home, please head to watch my video ‘How to Be Free & Happy,‘ this will hopefully inspire you during this time. Remember, when you unclutter your space, you unclutter your mind too.

Learn Something New or Build a New Habit

This can be done both ways, if you have been a seminar junkie then this is your time to sit still, cool off, breathe and absolutely be in the present and START IMPLEMENTING what you have learned in the past. On the other hand, if you have been dreaming about learning something new, this is the TIME. It helps you to bring your mind chatter out, it’s literally transmuting your fears and channeling it into creation. What better time to do this than now?  There are MANY free resources available online and I for one am also committed to sharing that on my page – Journey to Love with Sabina.


Now many of you might be thinking, you can’t possibly meditate, well, this is the time that you need it the most. Meditation helps you to up regulate healthy genes, new genes that are positive, productive and it also helps your brain to function properly this means you are saying HELLO to all the happy hormones you can think of. When you are in this state of being, it becomes who you are that means you are essentially attracting more love, happiness, abundance, peace in the midst of this CHAOS! Wondering where to go to for meditation? I am launching an online meditation clip to help you be in absolute bliss, leave your details here.

Congratulations for reading up to this point, now it’s time for you to choose ONE thing that you can IMPLEMENT now and make this a consistent habit. Be grateful for what you have right now and magnify this. I am sending you all much love and gratitude.