I am blessed to work with many beautiful souls for the last 4 years, guiding them to release stress, move the body, bringing mindfulness and faith to their mind to assist in fertility.

The simple truth is this, just like everything and anything we do in life, when we are stress and overwhelmed, it affects our body and mind. Be it projects, passion, to-do list or making a baby. Having said this, when it comes to fertility and pregnancy, do keep in mind that there are other factors far beyond the physical limitations and into the soul’s journey, the spiritual aspect of life.

Dr. David Knight, an IVF Specialist shared in The Huffington Post, Australia that, “There’s also evidence acute stresses can certainly be associated with change in a woman’s cycle. So yes, we do have direct evidence that stress affects reproduction. The problem of course is, at a bigger level, how much?”

Although our ancestors were able to get pregnant through many stressful times such as war and poverty, we can agree that stress have some degree to play. Our daily stress do have an affect on our fertility level. It leads many us to adopt negative thoughts that leads to behaviors and habits that are unhealthy. It can cause sleepless nights, headaches, self-blame, judgment and anxiety. Stress itself increases the fear hormone which is the cortisol, forcing us to be in a flight-or-fight mode at all times.

As an energy worker, I believe in working with each and every woman holistically, asking them the right questions to clear the air and using alternative tools to release any myths that they may be holding in regards to pregnancy and fertility. Once the air is clear, the myths and limited beliefs in regards to age, role of women, process of pregnancy are released, we can begin to fill the body and our home (physical home and actual home that we live in) with love, positive energy and loving acceptance.

My approach is simple, to love and accept oneself deep;y. I believe very that fear and stress can cloud us, like fogs on our glasses, we just need to clean it so we can approach life with clarity, trust and that will lead us to better decision making.

A couple of years ago, I worked with one woman whose story may inspire you. We were in the middle of our fertility flow class when we spoke about the stress that she has been carrying from work, family and now the process of IVF. She’s been through numerous IVF treatments prior to upcoming one which happens to the following day.

As an intuitive, I am gifted with the ability to communicate with the body, I feel that her body is healthy and it was stress that is blocking the process. it is a combination of finding the right tool and the readiness of the persona receiving it as I mention, there are things and factors beyond the eyes can see.

I guided her to be in a sleeping butterfly position, supporting her so feels like she is in a cocoon of comfort and in that moment, I guide her to visualize that all of stress now flies away like butterflies. I have never seen her so relaxed, she was able to simply let go and be free from expectation of the results.

‘I am so relaxed now, usually I am very anxious the night before now I will just show up,’ she said after our session in the state of complete freedom and acceptance of her body.

Through letting go of expectation and the stress she was carrying in her body, she was able to fully accept herself, just the way she is. There is nothing more beautiful than that, whether she is a mother or not, it doesn’t matter because acceptance is what created space for her to shine. Pregnancy is not as important as the fact that she let go, accepted herself, allowed freedom in and simply love – that’s something to be celebrated for, in my opinion.

Remember as a woman, you are complete. You are whole and you are enough. You are a mother whether you have a baby of your own or not. You carry this womb of life that can assist you to birth projects, passion, hobbies, creativity, sexuality and so many more things imaginable. I also suggest that you take a moment to work along side your partner on any underlying issue that both of you may have, build a strong foundation in your own home.

Feel it, believe it, be it.

This article is based on my experience as an Energy Worker and Fertility & Prenatal Yoga Instructor and it comes from my observant working with these clients and thousands of hours teaching. Read it mindfully, keep an open heart and explore the options that is right for you.

Breathe, release and let in love always.



There are many articles and researches that pin points the relationship between stress and fertility. Here is one from the The Huffington Post Australia amongst many others.