One of the things that I hear very often from my clients and also friends is that they are feeling tired, low on energy and oh-so-overwhelmed. They don’t have time to create this project or do what they want to do because they have kids and it’s impossible and that their struggles and conditions is what’s blocking them. Simply put, greatness can happen for other people not for them because of the lack of time and opportunity. If this rings a bell, then today is your lucky day because I am going to be sharing with you, how to unlock your greatness and unlocking it now.

i have been a fan of Robin Sharma for decades, in fact, his book, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,’ was one of the first spiritual books I have fully emerged in and the concept behind it still stuck to me today. Many of you may have seen my YouTube videos raving about his new book, ‘The 5am Club,’ which I followed like a warrior last year and this book was really about how important it is to put yourself first and do what’s important for your soul so you can have sustainable energy through out the day and unlocking the greatness within you.

Many of you heard my stories on Instagram and Facebook Live that I trained my mind to wake up at 4.47am to do the impossible which was exercise, journal my thoughts and read for 1 hour. You might be thinking, ‘Sabina, that’s crazy!’ yes, yes, it was but that was what really drove me to be where I am right now that’s why I will be sharing with you some tips now from that experience that I’ve had!

Looking back my past, just like you, I was a total victim of my external conditions and I would have excuses such as ‘I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money. My life isn’t like their life, they are amazing, they have the skills and the talent and the experience to create that and I just didn’t. What I uncovered last year during my 5am journey was that I was a victim of my mind and the limitations that I created in my mind and so bit by bit, I started winning that little voice by simply getting up each day to do something that was good for my body & mind. I didn’t think of anything else but that and THAT was already a lot.

A clear rule of that journey that I still apply today is no digital devices first thing in the morning because that robs you out of joy and energy.  We are currently embarking on this ‘new normal,’ it’s impossible not to use our digital devices, it’s practically our second soul, our second body and our second self! Yet, these devices are the ones that drained our energy the most, blue light in particular, reduces the amount of our melatonin that means, many people are finding it hard to sleep or they are not getting that fully nourished sleep and wake up feeling tired.

I never knew this about myself but I am such a sensitive sleeper, when I looked back at my twenties where I would spend my night binge watching series and sometimes sleeping half way through them, wake up to turn off the television and went back to sleep again, I would actually have weird dreams and I would wake up feeling unfresh and even became snoozer, you see all of this is a sign that something we are doing is not right for our body.

When you are feeling tired, restless and basically DRAINED, it’s impossible for you to carve out the greatness.

Robin Sharma narrate this in his book, “We subconsciously develop a series of soul-crushing escape routes to avoid feeling pain generated by our talents denied.” He went on saying that we resort to addictions and these are his exact words narrated from the book and it says, “Addictions like constantly checking your messages or scanning for ‘likes,’ or spending vast chunks of our daily lives watching too much television. TV shows have become so superb these days, it’s so easy to get hooked. And when one episode ends, on some viewing platforms, the next one begins automatically. Many of us also make flights from their greatness by chatting and gossiping endlessly, not really understanding there’s a staggering difference between being busy and being productive.”

These last words hit home for me and I’m sure you can relate!

For the longest time, I would overwhelm myself with things to do to avoid doing the most important thing in life, unlocking the greatness and this might comes as a form of starting a new project, selling something online, writing a blog post, going out to exercise, I’m sure you have all these things that you want to do to express your own greatness in you.

I was sharing on one of the group Zoom calls that I loved watching The Last Dance documentary that told a story of Michael Jordan because we only see his success and greatness but not what it took to get there, the journey to get there.

You too have a song that is in you that you want to sing, it’s not my song or your friend’s song, it’s YOUR song and the more you overwhelm yourself with distractions and daily addictions, the more you are being pulled away to make this happen for you.

People often under estimate the power of consistency, I can fully say that I am the result of consistency, not magic, not any mystical spiritual thing, everything that I have today it’s because I utilize all those beautiful tools that I have learned like yoga, meditation, energy therapy and coaching consistently and what really made a difference for me and MANY OTHER WORLD CLASS TRAINERS AND TEACHERS is DON’T USE YOUR PHONE first thing in the MORNING! Period!

Don’t use the thing that is actually causing you stress, reducing your happy hormones the first thing in the morning. Your brain is in a highly suggestible state and using your phone disrupts your own flow of energy especially if you are on Instagram or Facebook early AM. Don’t let the digital devices use you and be your master, you need to become the master of your life, destiny and this digital devices and utilize it to support you.

To unlock your true greatness, you have to make a decision to create that time and treat yourself the way you would want other people to treat you. Commit to yourself the way you would want your husband, your boss, your friends, and everyone to commit to you. So here’s your take away, set a side 10 minutes in the morning where you can breathe and do something for you. If you are a mother of your small baby and you are still nursing your baby then I suggest using that nursing time as a time where you do a simple breathing exercises, maybe even meditate and go on a creative visualization journey!

During the day, whenever you have a free time or feel like taking a brain break, instead of coming on social media, take this as a time to do something that is your passion project, something that brings you joy and maybe it might even stir up some fears and excitement!

The point is, put yourself first, put you dream first, you matter and you have the greatness within you to do this for yourself. I believe in you!