Last week, I shared with you a powerful profound tip to help you Journey to Love in midst of this pandemic! The journey continues on this week’s blog post.

I would like for you to take a moment and reflect back on how your family life was when you were young. You see, when I was growing up, I didn’t watch a happily ever after movie especially not on the relationship or family side of things. As I grew up, it became my mission to create a different future for myself, I wanted to be financially free, I wanted to feel empowered and confident so I didn’t have to depend on anyone or any life partner in particular for money.

I also was working very hard to create a different future for me when it comes to relationships but for some reason, I kept attracting red flags to me and I just couldn’t understand WHY. The funniest and most ironic part is when I do attract a wonderful, loving man, I ended up cheating on him or doing something really bad to jeopardize the relationship! And maybe some of you can totally relate to this, I was living the classic Good Girls Like Bad Boys prophecy for many years!

Even though I have seen the red flags, I somehow would forgive and hope inside that somethings would change and I would find myself constantly twirling in this vicious cycle of sadness, pain and disappointment. You see, no one really taught me about relationships, not from a holistic point of view at least and so my go-to source was magazines and articles and all these things about how to get the guy and nothing worked until this ONE arrives to my life at a divine timing and that was AWARENESS.

Having a total AWARENESS that this repeated, vicious painful cycle that I was in is related to my history of when I was growing up and chances are it’s probably the same for you. Consciously I always knew that it’s because I grew up in a negative environment and that’s why red flags were constantly in my life but subconsciously, that was the only TYPE OF LOVE that I was familiar with and so for my subconscious mind that felt like home.

And did you know that your subconscious program is accountable for 95% of your life results right now? That’s why, reading positive quotes and trying to be positive doesn’t work because somewhere inside there is a tape, a program that is different – these programs are that of fear, disappointment, broken love, these are program of lack, anger and so on.

What’s also very interesting is that in your subconscious mind, there is NO TIME, that means the tapes and old memories from when you were young is still running in there somewhere and that’s why you are attracting the similar type of lover, partner or even STORY because it’s the only thing that your inner child is familiarized with and it feels like HOME for that inner child or inner memory.

So How Do One Harness Awareness

By now, you might have some ideas of what those memories are in your history that are causing you present pain and suffering, if you do, you can take a quick note if it’s available for you, write it down on a journal or type it in your notepad.

When I first gained AWARENESS that all of my repeated patterns in relationships was leading me back to my own history with my family, I decided to write down all the feelings that was bottled up inside of me since I was young. And I suggest for you to do the same, this means, no edits, there are no right or wrong, it’s simply you being totally real about what happen in your life.

If you are able to trace back to the story of your 0-7 years old self that’s great, if not, you are welcome to start with the most recent memory in the past and slowly from there head back in time. As you are writing these out on your papers, you might have tears rolling down your eyes or you might feel this sudden anger or resentment in your chest & throat, just keep writing and setting your intention that you are creating awareness and you are learning to let it go without having to fix anything.

You are becoming so aware of how you feel and what has happened and through this process of harnessing awareness, going to the root cause, you will create a deeper sense of UNDERSTANDING which is our second step in helping you journey to love.

With Awareness Comes Understanding

With awareness comes understanding, as you review your own history and you become aware of the trauma and pain that you might have had in your life line, you are gaining understanding that hey, it’s not the guy, it’s not even the job, it’s the amount of money that you have but its’ the fact that this EMOTIONS and this EXPERIENCE have had happened way back then and somehow, you were emotionally charged and triggered by that ONE or FEW particular events & theme that you are attracting the same type of patterns back into your life.

I don’t know if you can relate to this but I love to have answers to things, I’m one of those people who would ask WHY and so for me, knowing where the ROOT CAUSE of the pain and the suffering in my life comes from, gives me reassurance and HOPE. There is a powerful saying that if you want to HEAL the FRUITS, you have to HEAL the ROOTS, this is no difference. I’m a big follower of Louise Hay‘s work and her message is often the same, it’s for you to come back and heal the inner child within, heal the root cause, dig deeper beyond the surface.

Having worked with thousands of clients, I see RESULTS when I guide people to UNDERSTAND their pattern, that’s where they UNDERSTAND themselves better. They get an opportunity to demystify their own patterns and from this space of CLARITY, they fully HEAL from the past. 


Now let’s talk about this word HEALING because it can sound so scary and mystical for people and probably even has a negative connotation attached to it. To me, nature is the best teacher when it comes to the HEALING, it knows when to rest, it knows when to release, it knows when to celebrate, there is this beautiful harmonious balance in nature and I believe that in many ways, our lesson here on this earth is to find tune with our own balance. For me, HEALING is just a natural path that leads you to LOVE. 

Sure, you can be a super power unicorn who thinks positive, says all the right things, read all the right books, you might even be eating all the right food, look great on the outside but if you don’t go in to heal and fill that void that is empty inside of you, you will always be hungry and anxiously waiting from something outside of you to fulfill those needs, whether its from extensive gym, addiction to the yoga practice, alcohol, shopping, sex, compliments, attention, travelling, there are so many other forms of therapy that as humans, we immediately do that naturally and SEEK for it! So might as well, pick and choose the right tool to help you HEAL to LOVE. To help you JOURNEY to LOVE. 

I would like to offer you a TOOL for healing right now, remember those papers that you wrote all of your feelings and history and you might have even cried and felt angered writing? I invite you to release these papers either by flushing them down the toilet or burning them. When I first started my journey to love, I didn’t even bother filling anything new or thinking about the ideal man I wanted to date because I wasn’t even the woman that I wanted to date with yet. I wasn’t even fully happy with myself yet and I remembered at some point on my journey translating these emotions and my past on to the papers and flushing it away from my system daily for almost a month!

Since you are on this semi-retreat and your heart’s desires is for love and happiness, to have wonderful relationship in your life, I can’t see a better time for you to do this than right now.

Enjoy these simple tools & steps and see you next week!